S&C Deploys OptiRamp IIoT Solution

In brownfield operations, field devices are generally limited. Using OptiRamp IIoT can help quickly bring rapidly and cost-effectively deploy wireless field instrumentation to strategic locations where data are lacking. These data may be used almost immediately using the OptiRamp Virtual Tag Server (VTS) to improve OptiRamp model accuracy, simulation, optimization, and predictive analytics.

S&C recently deployed OptiRamp IIoT to two well pads in large brownfield heavy oil asset to bring real-time data from the wellhead and flowlines to the main asset office. These data will provide operations and management key performance indicators (KPIs) to better understand how multiple well pads and wells are performing in real-time.

Additionally, S&C, with the help of the wireless device manufacturer, devised first of its kind anti-theft technology to protect the field instrumentation at the remote well locations and to address the challenges of 24/7 security. This work is the first major step to bring operational intelligence to field operations.

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