OptiRamp® Decision Support Center

A Decision Support Center (DSC) centralizes and improves asset monitoring by bringing people together to make faster, better decisions about assets through dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs), key operating parameters (KOPs), actionable data, and rich graphics. Losses across the entire value stream are made visible, and customers manage their operations 24/7 by exception (anomaly) by focusing on the highest value and by focusing resources on the right problems at the right time.

S&C has the skill and experience to help design and implement state-of-the-art DSCs that provide the following additional benefits:

  • Remove people from harm’s way by enabling remote monitoring capability and providing intelligent analysis tools and notifications
  • Use relevant (in terms of time) data in decision making with an instrumented field
  • Visualizing real-time data and aggregate data on a single screen for faster and better decision making
  • Use predictive analytics instead of time-based maintenance to make decisions
  • Increase the efficiency of each process element
  • Decrease the number of process variations
  • Decrease operating expenses
  • Increase production
  • Increase environmental performance
  • Meet and exceed contract obligations

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