OptiRamp® Digital Power Plant

The OptiRamp Digital Power Plant (DPP) solution is a scalable approach encompassing monitoring and surveillance in terms of data collection and transformation, analysis (e.g., objective functions, mass balance reconciliation, regulatory control, multivariable predictive control, and optimization), and optimization at all hierarchical levels.

The key objectives of the OptiRamp DPP solution are to

  • Optimize the entire value stream
  • Manage by exception
  • Bring people together to make faster, better decisions
  • Make losses visible

The purpose of the DPP is to not collect the most data but to collect meaningful data and transform these data into dynamic key performance indicators (KPIs) from which decisions can be made and actions can be taken by exception. The OptiRamp DPP solution provides the following features made visible through the OptiRamp Web Applications:

  • Unit analytics
  • Turbomachinery control
  • Mixed-mode solutions
  • Runtime and offline simulation
  • Optimization
  • Multivariable predictive control
  • Predictive dispatching
  • Fleet management (when the solution is applied to more than one power plant) 

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