The OptiRamp Digital Twin

S&C attended the XHQ APAC User Conference held 16 & 17 November 2017 in Bangkok, Thailand and presented “Optimizing Pipeline Operations through Real-Time Compressor Simulation,” which included the concept of the Digital Twin.

The typical hierarchy of data and information in the energy industry is PCS/SIS > SCADA systems > Historians > Visualization; however, there is a missing puzzle piece. OptiRamp Digital Twin is this missing piece that provides smart automation and provides transformed data to reduce losses and improve yields. Some of the questions OptiRamp answers are

  • How much gas should I inject in a well if I lose one gas compressor?
  • How should I redirect my gas if I lose a gas compressor?
  • How can I redefine the value steam?
  • How can I extend the gas compressor performance with Unit Analytics?
  • How should I allocate gas lift to optimize production but balance the lost sales gas?

OptiRamp Unit Analytics is a Digital Twin because it mirrors the actual process and goes beyond merely mimicking unit operating characteristics. Unit Analytics virtually “lives” inside the server as a virtual representation of reality, allowing for advanced analytics to be computed in real time.

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