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February 2019
Meeting the Digital Twin
Leveraging intelligent analytics from the unit level upwards
January 2019
S&C Awarded New Patent
Method and Apparatus for Voltage Control in Electric Power Systems
January 2019
S&C Releases New MVPC Module
Solve complex, multiple variable solutions with minimum effort
January 2019
S&C Engineering Services
S&C continues to grow its automation engineering services
August 2018
S&C Deploys OptiRamp IIoT Solution
S&C accomplishes first major step in bringing operational intelligence to brownfield operations
August 2018
Mobile Well Testing with OptiRamp Technology
Turn timely well test data into optimized, predictive models for timely well intervention
May 2018
Supporting Oil & Gas Sector Digitization in Angola
S&C is actively investing our Angolan entity
May 2018
Join Us at PSIG
S&C will be exhibiting as well as presenting two papers next week at the PSIG conference
March 2018
S&C Opens Office in Mexico
S&C has opened an office in Mexico to support local projects
March 2018
Native Modbus TCP Driver
S&C has developed a native Modbus TCP driver for the OptiRamp Virtual Tag Server
January 2018
S&C Celebrates 13 Years
S&C celebrates 13 years in business this month with many exciting plans for the new year
December 2017
An Application of OptiRamp Digital Twin Technology
S&C built a Decision Support Center that uses OptiRamp Digital Twin technology
December 2017
Introducing S&C’s ODBC Driver
S&C built an ODBC driver to work with OptiRamp
December 2017
OptiRamp Helps Gazpromneft-Khantos Win Award
S&C & OptiRamp provided key technological innovations
November 2017
The OptiRamp Digital Twin
S&C presented the OptiRamp Digital Twin at the XHQ APAC User Conference
November 2017
Managing Energy with OptiRamp
Measurable energy management results from implementing OptiRamp
October 2017
Introducing the New Historian
Experience the blazingly quick new Virtual Tag Server binary, time-series historian
October 2017
Announcing OptiRamp Release 4.0
S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 4.0 is now available
May 2017
Announcing OptiRamp Release 3.0
S&C is pleased to announce OptiRamp Release 3.0 is now available
May 2017
S&C will be exhibiting as well as presenting a paper this week at the PSIG conference
March 2017
Build Power & Process Models with a Single Tool
S&C’s OptiRamp® Developer facilitates building both power and process models
February 2017
OptiRamp® Decision Support Center
Centralize asset monitoring in a state-of-the-art Decision Support Center (DSC)
February 2017
OptiRamp® Tag Advanced Functions
Quickly and easily create meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) and key operating parameters (KOPs)
January 2017
OptiRamp® Digital Power Plant
Monitor and optimize an entire power plant or a fleet of power plants with S&C’s Digital Power Plant solutions.
January 2017
S&C Celebrates 12 Years
S&C celebrates 12 years in business this month with many exciting plans for the new year
December 2016
2016: The Year in Review
Join us as we look back at our accomplishments over the past year
December 2016
S&C Expands Turbomachinery Offerings
S&C has added another OEM to our turbomachinery control offerings
November 2016
Monitoring Remote Operations with Rational SCADA
Rapidly deploy key field devices to securely provide data to the OptiRamp® suite
November 2016
S&C Visits China
S&C has expanded into China and gave a successful technical presentation to PetroChina
October 2016
Leak Detection System
Accurately determine whether a leak is occurring and its location and magnitude with S&C's Leak Detection System
September 2016
Digital Oil Field of the Future
Monitor and optimize the entire oil field from the producer, to the network, and finally to consumers with S&C’s Digital Oil Field solutions
August 2016
Join S&C at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia
S&C will be exhibiting at the Turbomachinery & Pump Symposia September 12-15
August 2016
S&C Completes Second Steam Control Valve Actuator Retrofit
S&C recently started up a second 230 MW steam turbine after completing a steam control valve actuator retrofit
July 2016
S&C Provides Consulting and Engineering Services
S&C recently provided consulting and engineering services for a newly built power station
July 2016
Power Management Solutions
S&C recently filed a patent application for the “Method and Apparatus for Voltage Control in Electric Power Systems,” which is part of our Power Management System (PMS) solution
June 2016
S&C Moscow Office Now Open
The S&C Moscow office is open to support OptiRamp® and turbomachinery control projects in the Russian Federation
June 2016
S&C to Exhibit at SPE Conference, Attend HUG Americas
S&C will be exhibiting in Trinidad & Tobago the week of June 12 and attending HUG Americas the week of June 19
May 2016
S&C Completes Steam Control Valve Actuator Retrofit
S&C recently started up a 230 MW steam turbine after completing a steam control valve actuator retrofit
May 2016
S&C to Present and Exhibit at PSIG
S&C will be presenting the “Real-Time Simulation System” paper as well as exhibiting at the 2016 PSIG conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
April 2016
New Office and New Registered Trademark
S&C has opened a new office location in Moscow, Russia, and has also recently been granted a registered trademark by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
April 2016
S&C Sponsor & Presenter at SPE Workshop
S&C was a sponsor and presented “Predictive Analytics for ESP Optimization” at the recent SPE workshop in Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina
April 2016
Coordinated Control for Power Systems
Be a more reliable and optimized power system by using S&C’s coordinated control for power systems
March 2016
HTML5 Alert Notification Viewer Released
S&C is currently piloting its HTML5 Alert Notification Viewer on a corporate server
March 2016
ESP Unit Diagnostics Module Released
S&C releases its new ESP Unit Diagnostics Module to help monitor and analyze ESP performance
February 2016
Advanced Multiphase Flow Simulation
S&C can simulate your multiphase flow pipelines with our advanced multiphase flow simulation
February 2016
Dynamic Batch Optimization
S&C releases an advanced, multidimensional dynamic batch optimization solution
January 2016
Process and Power Consolidated into One Developer
S&C consolidated its modeling tools for process and power models into one powerful Developer
January 2016
Advanced Congealing for Heavy Oil Pipelines
S&C has released and field validated a new, advanced congealing algorithm for heavy oil pipelines
January 2016
S&C Hires New Regional Manager
S&C hires a new regional manager to cover Houston, Texas; the Gulf of Mexico; and the Caribbean
December 2015
S&C Interviewed on the State of the Digital Oil Field
S&C was asked to provide key insight into this emerging field along with other key technology companies as part of a global survey.
November 2015
S&C Awarded Gas Turbine Control System Upgrade with PEMEX
S&C was asked to upgrade two gas turbine control systems
November 2015
S&C to Demonstrate ESP Analytics on Thousands of Wells
S&C was awarded a pilot project to demonstrate its dynamic, predictive analytic tools for ESPs
November 2015
S&C Develops Application Using Yokogawa ProSafe Safety Control System
S&C was recognized for its ability to work within customer constraints, think outside of the box, and execute with excellence
November 2015
S&C Completes First Upgrade/Conversion Project in Poland
S&C provide all of the project management for an extremely critical syn gas compressor in a Polish ammonia plant
November 2015
S&C Releases OptiRamp® Virtual Tag Server
The Virtual Tag Server (VTS) is a central hub to store, share, and manage data from all sources
September 2015
Visit S&C at the 44th Turbomachinery and 30th Pump Symposia
Visit us in booth 2617 to learn more about our products
September 2015
S&C Provides Field Services for Automation Upgrade Project
S&C used previous experience to complete this automation upgrade project for two hydrogen recycle compressors
August 2015
S&C Granted Patent
Patent for “Method and Apparatus for Improving Electro-Hydraulic and Electro-Mechanical Integrated Control Systems of a Steam Turbine”
July 2015
Control System Completed for Elliott-Turbo
S&C recently completed designing, developing, and delivering its second control system for OEM Elliott-Turbo
July 2015
S&C Concludes 5-Year Total Control System Makeover
This makeover resulted in a fully integrated control system with a centralized HMI
June 2015
S&C Recruited for Services and Skills
S&C was recruited for a project of our strong technical automation field team and successful project execution skills
May 2015
Visit S&C at the PSIG Conference
S&C will present the paper “Advanced Analytics for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems” as part of the 2015 PSIG Conference
April 2015
S&C Has Been Granted a Patent
S&C granted patent for “Method of Large Scale Process Optimization and Optimal Planning Based on Dynamic Simulation"
April 2015
OptiRamp® for Geothermal
OptiRamp helps geothermal plants use available steam efficiently in order to extend the reservoir life
March 2015
S&C Builds Compressor Maps at Ammonia Plant
S&C recently completed surge prevention system design, start-up services, and compressor maps for two multi-stage compressors
March 2015
MSI International & S&C Agree on Angolan Partnership
S&C and MSI have begun a partnership to take a more active role in Angola
February 2015
Total Control System Makeover for Ammonia Plant
This project involved an enormous amount of mechanical retrofitting, including replacing nine outdated hydraulic systems with electromechanical systems
February 2015
S&C Completes Work at LINOS Lisichansk Refinery
S&C recently completed surge prevention system design and start-up services for two multi-stage compressors
January 2015
S&C Completes Total Control System Retrofit
This retrofit gave the customer tighter control and more flexibility with its unit operations
January 2015
S&C Celebrates 10 Years
S&C is celebrating a momentous anniversary this month—10 years in business
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