Digital Oil Field Solutions

S&C's OptiRamp Digital Oil Field (DOF) Solutions span the entire value stream, from enhanced oil recovery to transportation via pipelines to storage to refineries, allowing you to monitor and optimize your entire oil and gas operation from producers to consumers. OptiRamp DOF Solutions help you manage by exception (anomaly), centralize people and operations to make faster and better decisions, make losses visible, improve reliability and stability, and reduce operating expenses.
OptiRamp Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Solutions
Artificial Lift Systems (ALS)
OptiRamp Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Solutions
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
OptiRamp Shale Gas Solutions
Shale Gas
OptiRamp Pipeline Solutions
Gathering Systems & Flow Lines
OptiRamp Storage Solutions
OptiRamp Mini Refinery (<10,000 BPD) Solutions
Mini Refinery (<10,000 BPD)
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