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Statistics & Control, Inc., (S&C), headquartered in West Des Moines, IA, USA, develops and manufactures Advanced Process Control (APC) and turbomachinery control software as well as engineers, designs, and installs APC and turbomachinery control systems and solutions around the world. We have a global portfolio spanning the energy, oil and gas, utility, chemical, and digital oil field industry sectors.

Our turbomachinery control software solutions easily integrate with customers' existing systems, and the OptiRamp® Digital Solutions focus on process and power real-time, predictive analytics to optimize processes and, in turn, reduce costs and increase stability and reliability.

In addition to our software solutions, we provide a number of services, including consulting, dynamic system studies, modeling, automation, training and OTS, and support.

Our goal is to solve your complex challenges through our unique software and highly seasoned team of professionals.

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S&C provided senior process control engineer to help us startup SGP staged oil and full facility. He worked with our board operators and automation team improving system logic and stabilizing controllers and fixing DCS controller problems. The versatility and quality of their engineers and technical knowledge with multiple vendor hardware and software platform is astounding.
Statistics & Control, Inc., (S&C) designed, tested, trained, and installed an offshore control system panel for us without incidents. They also solved many onsite wiring problem, instrumentation issues, and even prevented us from a Loss Production Opportunity (LPO). They are professional, intelligent, and a new version of automation company for offshore because they are more than panel integrators, but real automation system engineers. Like how they partner with the local company and help build business in Indonesia.

From 2008 to 2012 company S&C according to the wishes of the "KINEF" ltd. was carried out the following works:

Projects based on Honeywell solutions:

  • Engineering, antisurge and capacity control applications development, configuration and integration with DCS Honeywell, commissioning and startup
  • Compressors for Hydrogen-containing gas
  • Electric compressors for Gas Fractionation Unit
  • Electric air compressors for equipment and process (plant for the deep processing of oil) made by Atlas Copco

Project based on Toshiba Solutions:

  • Engineering, antisurge, and capacity control applications development and configuration, commissioning, and startup

Herewith we would like to express our satisfaction with the company S&C, West Des Moines, USA.

Over the course of the year, 2014, S&C was engaged by Solvay Sodi S.A. to supply and commission of the retrofit steam turbines control system for six steam turbines that are drive C02 compressors, based on Honeywell PKS platform, using C300-50 controllers. During this project all existing hydraulic speed control systems were replaced with electromechanical control, using Exlar GSX50 actuators and Emerson Unidrive SP servodrives.

At this moment, all six systems are successfully commissioned, and all units are in operation.

In addition, S&C has implemented Master Control Application. That application allows controlling, share and balance load of the group of the compressors working into the same header. Two compressors operation under Master control showed steam consumption decrease by 1.5 tons per hour.

S&C has proven to be a reliable partner, and professional knowledge and expertise of its specialists allowed solving challenges this entire project.

Solvay Sodi
Stabilized the upfront part of the plant and increased oil and gas production. Simplified the amine ratio on the amine column and turned the depropanizer, debutanizer. Excellent resources who can build any PLC/DCS automation system. I would recommend S&C for all automation projects.

All work was completed within a specified time and in full, in a professional manner.

As a result of cooperation the company S&C proved to be a reliable partner, established strong business relationships. Employees S&C have a high level of professional knowledge and experience, are able to solve the challenges in the field of compressors regulators with different kinds of actuator.


From 2010 to 2012 S&C, according to the wishes of the JSCo "Cherepovecky 'AZOT'", carried out the following works:

Engineering, development, configuration and integration with DCS Honeywell (based on Honeywell solutions) of

  • Turbine capacity control application
  • Turbomachinery control application

Control over the development of design documentation, manufacturing and installation of adaptations for

  • Turbine speed sensor mounting
  • Turbine hydraulic control system modifications
  • Electric actuator of valve steam mounting

Commissioning and startup of compressors drive by steam turbine in workshop of ammonia production

All of the above work was completed within a specified time and in full, in a professional manner.

OAO PhosAgro-Cherepovets
S&C provided commissioning and startup engineers for our power management system in addition to designing a functional automation system that other large vendors were unable to solve. FGP awarded them PO to upgrade it to accommodate the massive power expansion project. Best automation integrator and system engineering company in this space and managed our sub suppliers.
S&C solved a complex control system problem that other integration company could not. Seldom can we discover a company that has such a deep working knowledge of control and safety systems. Their core engineering services are second to none. We are recommending other main suppliers to use them because we know they are cheaper and always execute.
When we needed help in the control and safety system design for our new power plant, S&C supplied expert field engineers. All of their engineers are seasoned professionals. In fact, the customer and other automation integrator ended up using S&C to help them on their projects. The quality of engineers from main automation companies is waning but S&C continues to build a growing core group of seasoned veterans.
The S&C technician did a good job, and he is not required to start the unit. The antisurge application was already tested with the unit running, and it is working properly.
Técnicas Reunidas

We would like to thank your experts for technical and advisory support.

Looking forward to our cooperation in future projects.

Благодарим за техническую и консультационную поддержку, оказываемую вашими специалистами.

Надеюсь мы будем сотрудничать в последующих проектах.

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