Digital Oil Field (DOF)

Applications across the total value stream

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Gathering Stations & Flow Lines
  • Mini Refinery (<10,000 BPD)
  • Shale Gas
  • Storage Analytics

Digital Power

Applications across the total value stream

  • Automatic Generation Control (AGC)
  • Digital Power Plant (DPP)
  • Distribution
  • Grid Optimization
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Smart Load Shedding


Applications across the total value stream for long and short pipelines

  • Congealing
  • Dynamic Batch Optimization
  • Leak Detection
  • Line Pack
  • Long-Haul Pipelines
  • Multiphase Flow
  • Slug Prediction


OEM-neutral solutions and services for all industry sectors

  • Capacity Control
  • Compressor Group Station Control
  • Gas Turbine Control
  • Master Control
  • OptiRamp Critical Archive (ORCA)
  • Power Management Control for Active & Reactive Power
  • Steam Turbine & Extraction Control
  • Surge Prevention Control

Water & Utilities

Real-time hydraulic models for medium to large municipal water distribution systems.

  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Water Wells
  • Non-Revenue Water Identification
  • Water Composition Analysis
  • Storage

Energy Management

Measurable energy management results from implementing OptiRamp

  • Energy baseline to compare energy performance and calculate energy savings before and after OptiRamp implementation
  • Energy optimization
  • Energy performance indicators
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